Whitney McDonald

Hello my name is Whitney McDonald and I am a certified personal trainer. Ive had a strong passion for fitness all of my life. I began competing in sports at a young age and continued all through college where I was on a track scholarship at Texas Southern University. Competing any sport on a collegiate level is very challenging and requires a lot of self-discipline. After completing all four years I wanted to maintain the physique that I received from track. After college I gained some weight and lost all of my muscle mass.

At This stage of my life it put me in somewhat of a mini depression. This emotion drove me to get very heavy into fitness. So I began to work to get my body back. After I transformed so quickly I began to receive a lot of inquires of what workouts and diet plans I was on at the time. This inspired me to take fitness more seriously and begin to start personal training. Personal training was a big success and I built a lot of great relationships during the process. As I would question some of my clients about their goals, some of them would state "I want to be toned, but don't want to look like a man! So no weights!" I would get so angry when ANYONE said that to me. My response would be "If you want to tone then you MUST lift. Lifting not only builds muscle but lifting prevents you from receiving any injuries!"

There were many women I had to persuade to pick up a weight and stress to them that they would not look manly, and that I lift as well. My phrase would always be "Pretty girls lift too!" After stressing that repeatedly it dawned on can be pretty (Beauty) and lift to get toned (Gains).

Beauty and Gains went from a phrase I used in the gym to me creating a sexy fitness logo to add to my own fitness clothes. The goal was to inspire women through fitness and health awareness, and let them look sexy doing it. Beauty and gains apparel gives women that sexy, confident feeling when they're in the gym working out.