“Training with Whitney is challenging but worth it. She instills confidence in you from the very beginning. You can tell that she’s passionate about what she does because of how relatable she is. It feels like you’re working out with a friend. She never lets you quit on yourself. ”

“Whitney is Everything”

“I started with Whitney September the 10th. I was wondering how her workouts would be then I found out my line sister was working out with her. That’s all she wrote! I lost several inches with her and built up my endurance. Her training can be very intense but you will get used to it, and she will always keep you on your toes. You will definitely see fast results if you stick with her and try to eat right as well. So if you need a personal trainer SHE’S YOUR GIRL!!!!”

“I started working out with Whitney in August of 2018. I recall, priorate joining with her, I was doing my own thing in the gym, and she was always a friendly face to see. She would occasionally check in on me and what muscles I was working on that day. I would share my workouts with her. Not only would she listen to me but she would give me pointers on how to improve, but what attracted me to her was that she wasn’t pushy, and she was very helpful before I even hired her as my trainer! Working out with Whitney was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She’s a very flexible trainer and the relationship I’ve built with her goes beyond the gym. I actually look forward to coming to the gym and the workouts that she gives(along with the sister circles that commence after the workouts) From the start, I told her my goals and she has gradually helped me to achieve them. She is amazing!!!”

“Hi im Briana Harper and Ive been working out with Whitney for about a year and three months. When I first came to her I explained that I wanted to tone and tighten certain areas. I wanted to keep my shape but help me define it to the best of my ability. Although I have reached goals with her help I still continue to train with her to maintain living a healthy lifestyle.”

“When training with Whitney she pushed and motivated me to get back into shape. With her special training techniques I was able to lose a total of 7lbs in a month in a half. Her quick results gave me the confidence to make me feel more acceptable with my body. Whitney is very patient, and is adamant on helping me to reach my goals. She is a great trainer!”